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Empowering programmes

Station has designed and developed a range of core programmes designed to spark your personal change maker journey. Sign up and join other likeminded students or young professionals with different educations and skillsets. Imagine you were in charge of your own learning, your classroom is an old police stationand instead of exams you are executing events, working with start-ups and non-profits on innovation and sustainability challenges, and launching innovation workshops on your topic. In our programmes you get hands on experience to develop skills within a wide range offields, e.g.:

- Collaborative processes
- Design and ideation
- Project management and planning
- Digital communication
- Building relations and public speaking
- Programming, laser cutting and 3D printing
- Leadership, teambuilding and volunteer management

Just to name a few. We know from our partners, that the competencies you build are attractive to your future employers.

The programmes are for students and young professionals, and you typically engage from 2 months to a year. The programmes are driven by a committed team of volunteers and operate with Station as their main base. The recruitment window differs from each programme but is usually at the beginning of each semester.

Part of the learning journey for many is to step into the leadership team after participating in the program. About a third of the participants goes into leading and developing the programme for next year. Some find a job during the programme or use the experience they gained from the program to land a job afterwards.

If you would like to join the leadership team of a signature programme, you can always contact the responsible leader.

Find more info at the specific programmes.

We strive to contribute to societal change, by engaging in collaborative projects, where we bridge the curiosity and engagement of students
with societal actors: From businesses, start-ups, non-profits and public entities.

Read about our pioneering projects here.

Pioneering projects

Unleash your potential and grow as a student society

The community in Station consists of a lot of student-run societies and projects. Societies become members of Station to expand their network, share knowledge, innovate with other societies, and unite in collaborations under one roof.
They cover topics such as sustainability, programming, technology, entrepreneurship, health science, innovation, art, and many more. The societies ensure that innovation in Station is always renewed bottom up. Societies often operate both in Station and at one or more universities. See who is already part of the community in our overview.

Reach out if your society is interested in joining our community!

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Innovating community

In Station students and young professionals come together across disciplines, to engage in activities where personal development, learning and impact go hand in hand. These activities cover topics such as climate and sustainability, technology, entrepreneurship, consulting, innovation, art and many more. The activities can be everything from one-day events to year long programmes. You can engage in workshops, innovation sprints, conferences, festivals, and hackathons. You can also take it to the next step and become part of the teams that brainstorm, design, plan and execute all the activities. Ranging from developing communication strategies, doing partner negotiations, building IT platforms, recruiting, and celebrating afterwards – it is all done in a team and supported by the community of Station. Be sure that once you engage in the activities, you become part of a community you do not want to let go of again.

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