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We have the modest ambition to change our world through student engagement.

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The world’s first student-driven innovation house

Station is a 3700 m2 former police station, transformed for student innovation and engagement. We, the students, acquire so much knowledge in lecture halls and we want to activate this knowledge. Station is set in this world for all students, enrolled at a higher education institution, to connect with each other, and to create a real impact in society through innovation and through collaborations with world-class researchers, the civic, public, and private sectors.

Station is a breach against a silo-based education system, students from all institutions need to come together with different skills and mindsets to create the best possible solutions for the society and planet that we live on.

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Are you a student and want to create real impact, while connecting with others?

Would you like to be part of a strong community of ambitious, impact-driven young professionals aiming to create a better world? Become a member at Station. Regardless of your academic background, Station is for you. Students are the driving force in Station. We are shaping the house, keeping it agile, and empowering other students to take action. As a Falcon, you can even be responsible for a specific project, join one of our talent platforms, or help with the organization. Have other great ideas on how to play an active role in the house? Or are there some skills you would like to gain? Don't hesitate to reach out to us through our email, Facebook, or swing by our office in the old police station.


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and be part of a strong community of diverse and like-minded students while improving your skills and gaining valuable experience
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My primary gain has been to realise the potential that students have to contribute to society and be leaders in creating a more sustainable world.
Due to my engagement in Student & Innovation House I have experienced how people from all kinds of backgrounds are able to come together to achieve something that hasn't been done before".
We are given the freedom to experiment with ideas to work on them, to fail and to try again. We can work on our own initiatives - be it a startup, a student community, or looking for ways of educating people about sustainability!
Lukas Fersterer
Millennial Consulting
The community and the energy that Student & Innovation House has is incredibly inspiring and has helped me to form my career direction.
I firmly believe that students capabilities, interests and motivation for learning are not limited to the classroom but rather much outside the classroom. Student & Innovation House provide us with the foundation to unleash new knowledge!
Luna Staehr Andersen
Sustainability Influencer

Are you a student organisation or initiative?

Are you a student organisation or initiative with an mindset and eagerness of creating a better world? Are you looking to build a strong network with the public and private sector, collaborate with like-minded student organisations and a physical space to call your own? Then you've come to the right place. We are a student-driven innovation house and we are looking for student organisations and initiatives from across the country to join our community and space. We have the facilities, physical framework and network - you have the bold idea. If you have any questions or not sure how to join the ride, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

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Do you want to connect with students?

Are you a start-up, non-profit organisation, corporation or public institution wishing to collaborate with student change makers and foster sustainable impact with the next generation of innovation? Stay a front runner in the long run. Alone you go faster but in collaboration we get further. We tailor collaborations that further the impact of your organisation and bridge you with the next generation. If your organisation is interested in partnering up with Station, then send us a message. Together we will find a unique way to create impact!

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