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Partnerships for impact

The Station Partner Community is your opportunity to become part of our visionary community of students and graduates from across educational, academic, and professional backgrounds.

Based in the former Frederiksberg police station, we gather partners to tie together innovation and student engagement through collaboration, activities, and programmes. Engaging with our community is a unique opportunity for your organisation to connect with you future employees.

We bring together the knowhow of companies with the ideas and ambitions of next generation changemakers, to unlock business innovation and strengthen the opportunities of students and graduates.

To fund our work with partners we require a minimum contribution depending on the amount of employees in your organisation:

0-9 Employees: 5.000 DKK for 1 Year in the Partner Community
10-49 Employees: 10.000 DKK for 1 Year in the Partner Community
50-249 Employees: 15.000 DKK for 1 Year in the Partner Community
250+ Employees: 25.000 DKK for 1 Year in the Partner Community

As a member of the Station Partner Community, you will not only create better opportunities for students and graduates. You will also get access to:

1. Pay to use our facilities for your (relevant) activities with a 30% discount.

2. Our annnual Student Impact Report with valuable insights, knowhow, and showcases on student engagement.

3. Invitations to take part in programmes and activities relevant to your organisation.

4. Quarterly insights, knowledge, and best practice from the ecosystem, young talents and bridging universities.

5. Promotion of your valuable contributions on Station’s external platforms and within our internal digital student and graduate community.

We believe the best way to drive meaningful societal impact is by collaborating on something tangible with a wide variety of partners from start-ups, non-profits, corporations, foundations, and public institutions.

Is your company ready to create value through student innovation?

Engaging students through collaboration projects and knowledge sharing can help companies succeed in driving a green transition and win the war for innovation and growth, data from Reg Lab shows - also revealing that SME’s that collaborate around knowledge sharing are experiencing 10-12% growth.

At Station, our purpose is to bridge the gap between students and society. In order for us to establish new viable collaborations in the intersection of student engagement and organisations, we need to be able to identify the potentials of next generation and actively include students and graduates in creating the solutions for a better future. We need to listen to our future generations in order to access their potentials.


How do we prevent stress and loneliness among students and graduates?

More than 40% of students on higher educations identify loneliness as the number one reason for them to discontinue their studies, and more than 20% are experiencing symptoms of stress in their everyday life. Wellbeing and mental health are key factors in building and supporting academic development and learning experiences among students.

Station brings together more than 50.000 annual visitors from across educational, academic, and cultural backgrounds and engages more than 100 annual volunteers within our community. At Station we believe that the outcomes and values of student achievements should be measured on more than just grades. By empowering students through the right social and professional networks, we guide students towards a happy, meaningful, and balanced study life. As a member of our Partner Community, you can help create better opportunities for students with an interest in learning and developing outside school.


How do we create a better transition from being a student to building a future career?

More than 40% of academic graduates find it difficult to transition to the professional job market. Experiencing a positive transition from being a student to entering the job market is a key requisite for a long and happy future work life. It is an important part of building a strong professional self-understanding and gaining the experiences needed, to translate academic skills to professional value.

Every year, Station welcomes more than 500 members from 9 different higher educational institutions into our diverse and visionary student and graduate community. As a member of Station’s Partner Community, you will have the opportunity to help introduce students and graduates to a future work life and ease the transition from being a student to building a career.  

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Vision Partners

Partners with privileged access to our student community that collaborate with Station on a common theme to create social impact.

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Some of our current and former collaborators:

Frederiksberg-falconer Rotary
ESN Denmark
Frederiksberg Erhverv
Teach First
Venture Cup
Copenhagen Fintech
Region H

Network Partners

Partners that connect Partners that support students and recent graduates in their transition from student to working professional.with our student community to exchange knowledge and foster mutual inspiration.

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Growth Partners

Partners that connect with our student community to exchange knowledge and foster mutual inspiration.

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