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3 ways of engaging with our community

Partnerships with sustainable impact

By partnering up with Station, we enable your organisation to create impact with the talents that your company depends on.

We bring together the knowhow of companies with the ideas and ambitions of next generation changemakers, to unlock business innovation and strengthen the opportunities of students and graduates.

Where are you on your societal impact journey?
What students should you attract and how?

As a partner
, we give you access to a unique ecosystem of talented students and their initiatives, future start-ups and networks. By partnering up with us, you can take part in an interdisciplinary student and graduate community with a massive talent and innovation capacity and help empower future changemakers.

Station's Partnership model offers three types of engagements as a platform. If none of the above elements catches your interest, we will gladly sit down for a talk.

  • Station is a student and graduate community with massive innovation capacities
  • Partnering up with the next generation contributes to sustainable development
  • Innovation and interdisciplinarity is unlocked when we bridge the gap between students, companies, and society   
  • Companies can play a critical role in shaping the changemakers of tomorrow
  • Engaging students in professional collaborations will help support the transition from student life to working life
  • We believe you work for a good cause!

We believe the best way to drive meaningful societal impact is by collaborating with a wide variety of partners from start-ups, non-profits, corporations, foundations, and public institutions. It allows us to challenge status quo, address the complex problems of our society and build a better tomorrow, from new ways of innovating and collaborating.


  • Café takeover: Run our café for one or two days where your business gets to meet with talented students from different universities over a cup of coffee
  • Strategic advisory: How do you recruit and retain recent graduates? And how do you engage students from different universities in your initiatives? We are happy to sit down and advice you on these and other questions  
  • Content for students: You want your message to be heard by the next generation employees. Use our podcast facilities or co-produce episodes with us to reach students
  • Corporate volunteering: Engage your team in corporate volunteering at Station and get to know changemaking students from different institutions
  • Youth sounding boards: In order to connect with younger generations on a regular basis or on selected strategic inssues, we can help you create a youth sounding board

Reach out so that we can help you connect your business with the next generation.

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  • Become a case in one of our popular Hackathons
  • Co-host pitch competitions for talented students, impact organisations and social entrepreneurs at Station
  • Offer an attracting young talent grant for students, impact projects and social entrepreneurs at Station. We administrate your grant and host an award with you and the grant recipients
  • Engage students in your projects and business cases by co-hosting events at Station

Reach out so that we can help you create meaningful activities around your business, with great interest of our student community.

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Does your company have services or resources to give back to the next generation of social entrepreneurs and change makers?

We have a give back programme for non-financial support. We would love to hear from you if you for instance wish to make a service available to students or want to communicate our programmes wider. 

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Vision Partners

Partners with privileged access to our student community that collaborate with Station on a common theme to create social impact.

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Some of our current and former collaborators:

Frederiksberg Erhverv
Teach First
Venture Cup
Copenhagen Fintech
Region H

Network Partners

Partners that connect Partners that support students and recent graduates in their transition from student to working professional.with our student community to exchange knowledge and foster mutual inspiration.

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Growth Partners

Partners that connect with our student community to exchange knowledge and foster mutual inspiration.

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