Our house

A Unique Space for Engagement and Innovation

Welcome to our State of the Art Facilities

The old police station has been transformed and is now housing state of the art facilities for students engaging with each other and partners for collaboration and innovation.

Among the 3700 m2 spread across four floors and a basement, you will find stimulating workshop, meeting and conference rooms that. You will also find workshop rooms that challenge the way people think and ideate along with spaces that encourage you to unfold your creativity whether it be through 3D printing or yoga.

Immense thought has been put into every detail and the wonder of our student innovation house cannot be described in words so check out some pictures below and stop by Station to take a look.

Our Cafe Central Station on the ground floor is accessible for everyone when open.

As a student or recent graduate you are always welcome by Station.

Transforming the Old Police Station

Do you believe a house can change the world? That was the question we asked ourselves, when we, the five student founders, embarked on the journey to acquire and transform the old police station into a visionary powerhouse for all the brightest, most curious and creative young minds at all the institutions of higher education.

Station is more than 3700m2. The building was built in 1920 as the police station of Frederiksberg. The architect behind the original police station, is the renowned Danish architect Hack Kampmann, who also created the fire station nextdoor, and the Copenhagen police station. Meanwhile re-opening Station, we celebrated the building’s 100 year birthday.

If you are curious to see what the police station looked like before the great transformation, take a look at our 3D model of the Station from when we just moved in.

The idea was born in 2013, and then followed by several years of fundraising money totransform the police station.

In total, we fundraised 52.5 million kr. to transform the old police station, and we moved into the Station in the beginning of 2016. During the formative years, we involved more than 300 students in the process of mapping, researching, and designing the foundations for how the future of the police station should be. In 2017, we signed a contract with the architects Bertelsen & Scheving to conduct the transformation together with GXN and Arcgency and a team of engineers. In a co-creative process between Station, CBS and the architects, the transformation project was formed and scoped during 2018 and 2019, and the reconstruction of the building began in the summer of 2019, and concluded during the summer of 2020. We proudly moved in to the transformed police station in September 2020, and celebrated the grand opening of Station on 9th October 2020.

See the building before

Station is open and inclusive for all

Everyone is welcome in Station. Central Station Cafe on the ground floor is open to the public. On our event calendar you can see which events are open to the public.

Many of Station’s facilities are dedicated to our activities and programs. Some of these offerings require that you are a member of the Station community. Read more about how to become a member of the community.

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