Green Entrepreneurs

A multidisciplinary network for sustainable entrepreneurs in and around Copenhagen

A network for green entrepreneurs

At Station our vision is to better the opportunities for green entrepreneurs. By facilitating network groups, we aim to create a stronger community for start-ups with a sustainable focus on climate change. Different from other networks, we apply a specific approach on multidisciplinarity between innovation environments and knowledge resources focusing on green entrepreneurship.

Being part of the network will enable you to:
- Exchange ideas and engage in knowledge sharing activities with other green entrepreneurs across disciplines.
- Attend presentations from established business profiles and entrepreneurs.
- Become a part of an online community for green entrepreneurs.

We will be hosting monthly meetings with different themes relevant to you, as a green entrepreneur.

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Who can participate?

There are a few requirements for participating in the network:
- You need to have a sustainable focus on either climate change or environmental impact or an ambition to increase your focus on it.
- Your start-up has existed no more than 5 years.

The project is sponsored by the Danish Business Authority. Participation is free and noncommittal.

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We want to inspire and involve students and graduates

By working towards empowering the sustainable start-up eco-system, we wish to encourage and inspire students and graduates to get involved in green entrepreneurship. We will be hosting events where green entrepreneurs, students and graduates will have the opportunity to meet, share their ideas and exchange experiences, inspire -and be inspired. Furthermore, podcasts on green entrepreneurship will be produced to share the how, what and why’s of building a green start-up, the challenges that green entrepreneurs are often facing, and the success that can be achieved from working in a green start-up.

If you want to be updated on events, podcasts and video material, you can sign up here.

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Meet some of the sustainable changemakers of our start-up ecosystem

Practical Info

When: The project will run throughout 2022.

Where: The network meetings will take place at Station on Howitzvej 30, 2000 FRB.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on

Marie Rørby

Line Josefsen