Tuborg Foundation supports Station in new project

August 14, 2023

Station, a student-driven innovation house, is a change space for students, communities, and societal change

Tuborg Foundation supports Station in an ambitious project that will bring students together across disciplines for social and academic activities. The project will strengthen  the potential for more student-driven communities, and societal change.

Based in the former Frederiksberg police station, Station will strengthen its efforts over a year and a half to create social and interdisciplinary activities and communities outside educational boundaries. As a student, you can look forward to meeting other students from different fields and cultures, taking a much-needed break from your studies, and leveraging your knowledge and ideas in change-driven activities and societal projects, within topics that can range from green transition to volunteering, idea generation, and societal change. At Station, the value of students' skills is measured not by their grades or academic achievements but by their curiosity, willingness, and commitment.

Station is a hotspot for students, volunteers, and societal actors who seek to inspire each other with new perspectives, mindsets, and approaches. Mikkel Nielsen, the director of Station, emphasizes that the new collaboration with Tuborg Foundation is crucial in fostering meaningful encounters and partnerships among students as well as between students and society, including businesses:

"With the support from Tuborg Foundation, we can involve even more students in meaningful communities that benefit both themselves and the world around them. Together, we will enhance students' engagement in society and their readiness for the workforce through activities like debates, workshops, and the development of new ideas."

Tuborg Foundation is supporting Station with 2.48 million DKK over the coming years:

"Station empowers young individuals to drive change and develop new solutions collaboratively. They experiment with new ideas for the benefit of future society, and eagerly share knowledge across disciplines. These activities greatly prepare young people for a collaborative work environment beyond their academic life. We are very excited to witness more initiatives thrive at Station, and hope that our support can contribute to anchoring Station more clearly in relation to future collaborations with stakeholders from various sectors," says Mathias Findalen, Program Manager at Tuborg Foundation.

89% of the students who have participated in activities at Station have felt more motivated to improve society and make a positive impact on the world. These data come from Station's internal evaluations, which also highlight that students in Station have experienced feeling better prepared for life after graduation. By engaging in Station's activities and joining its social and academic communities, students have found that their time in university has become more meaningful and transformative, rather than merely a "waiting period" for entering the job market.

About Station

Station is the world's first student-driven innovation house for interdisciplinary collaboration and engagement, where students come together and develop solutions to societal challenges. Station is located in the former Frederiksberg police station, which was acquired and renovated with funding raised by students in collaboration with CBS. Learn more about our activities and opportunities, and how you can contribute to creating them at www.station.dk.

Contact Mads Tamborg at mads.t@station.dk for more information.