A live innovation platform for cross-collaboration, ideation & innovation

Region in Residence,
Sep. 26-30, 2022

Region in Residence is a five-day live innovation workshop that brings together students, aspiring changemakers, city officials and top tier decision makers, in creating future solution for a greener capital region.

By setting up a temporary workspace at Station, The Capital Region of Denmark will be inviting Station members, student organisations and visitors to engage in open dialogues, case discussions and workshops, with the purpose of actively engaging students and young professionals in cross-collaboration, co-creation and ideation processes.

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Region in Residence is part of Station’s contribution to the realisation of the Regional Development strategy.

The initiative aims to break down barriers between students, graduates, city representative and politicians, by enabling new ideas, perspectives, and collaborations to prosper when the knowhow of experts meets the ambition and innovation of students and graduates.

In connection to the overall aim of the strategy
'En region for den næste generation' the input of students and graduates is key to create viable solutions for a better and more sustainable city living.

To ensure that the region’s upcoming strategies are designed to meet the needs and expectations of next generation changemakers, we believe that the inclusion and engagement of student and graduate communities in the early phases of the strategy-building, is essential to the success and viability of solutions.  

Five days of impact

From September 26-30, Station will be hosting a series of events and activities, to enable knowledge- and idea sharing, collaboration and ideation through panel discussions and workshops.

Each event is carefully curated, with the purpose of:

Increasing knowledge- and idea sharing between students, politicians, and city officials.

Inspiring the regional council and administration to take
a more inclusive, future-proof and innovative strategy approach.

Spurring opportunities for next generation changemakers to actively influence the overall policies affecting their everyday lives.

Increasing awareness about the innovative potential of regional policy development, among the youth.

Practical Information

When: The events and activities are hosted from September 26-30, 2022

Where: At station, Howitzvej 30, 2000 FRB.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Kristine Knutsen, on E-mail: