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Five years ago, Student & Innovation House started a journey to create a visionary platform for student driven engagement and cross disciplinary collaboration in Copenhagen. Now we are asking all our supporters to join or donate to be able to accelerate forward!

Today we are facing a big challenge for our organization and at the same time one of our most important milestones!  In order to have the right impact (and we are strikingly ambitious) Student & Innovation House has to turn into an NGO and we need YOU to make that happen!

You can now gain a great opportunity to become a fully-fledged member of Student & Innovation House. Always be on track with our events that Student & Innovation House and all the exciting activities that we participate in. Shape your professional profile and expand your network!

The Friend of the House membership includes:

ACCESS to the platform for knowledge sharing and networking

ACCESS to the facilities of the house after the opening in 2020

INVITATIONS to exclusive events and workshops

NEWS about the organisation and its development


We are looking forward to welcoming you!


Help us become an NGO.



You are helping us reaching our goal of becoming a Non Profit Organisation without any further involvement.

  • Be part of a movement

We love you

Become our Friend & Donate

Best of all.



Help us become a Non-Profit Organisation. You are thereby a fundamental part in driving innovation forward and creating future impact!

  • Be part of a movement


Become our Friend

Become one of us.



Join now to become one of us and bring life to the house!

  • Be part of a movement


* If you are an organization, who would like to support with a larger amount, please see our get involved section.