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About Us

We have the modest ambition to change the world through student engagement

Establishing the organization

Since the inception of an idea for a hub for student engagement in 2013, our organization is already in rapid development. We see a big need to test, try and sometimes fail with a lot of exciting prototypes and activities concerning wider topics of society, sustainability and technology.

Through giving students a platform for innovative solutions, we can open the house on a solid foundation of experience. This adds to an organizational structure where we offer ground for effective business models, events, partner agreements, etc.

Rebuilding the old Police Station

In December 2017 we proudly signed the contract with a team of competent, energetic, innovative and amazingly ambitious total advisors. This team will help us make our dream come true.

The dream of an old and beautiful police station full of great stories transforming into an innovative, creative and inspiring platform wherefrom students from all over Copenhagen can develop, collaborate and create societal impact. Renovated building will have facilities for meetings, activities, events, facilities for prototyping, collaboration with partners and much more.

Signature activities

Already before the house opening, we are organizing a lot of activities and events for students and partners. Our signature activities are the activities we have in the pipeline both inside and outside the house - you can read more about them on our Facebook page.

Our communities

Our communities is what brings the silos together - Student Society, Research Community and Partner Community.

The backbone structure

This is what makes the wheel turn. User and organization, finalizing the house, ecosystem and society.