The Artificial Intelligence Class '21

October 6, 2021

The Artificial Intelligence Class '21

October 6, 2021
The Wunderkammer

The roots of modern AI dates back hundreds of years to a cross-disciplinary cluster of philosophers, mathematicians, theologians and authors, who throughout

generations worked with the notion that human thought processes can be mechanized. To most people, AI is a mystifying subject that finds its way into many aspects of society and our everyday life, yet we find it difficult to understand its impact and to grasp, where and how it works.

Join one, two and/or three sessions of learning, discussion and reflection together with people across generations. The course will consist of experts in different aspects related to AI. The first session takes place on October 6th with an optional dinner afterwards.

There are two possibilities for sign-up:

  1. Be a part of the core cohort and commit to attend to all three session and actively engage in bringing insights throughout all sessions. If you want to participate in all three sessions, please send a mail Leonore Lee Krarup Belling and wait to sign up.

  2. Join session 1 and/or session 2 by signing up through the link.

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