Gedankenfabrik: Feminist Economics

November 25, 2021

Gedankenfabrik: Feminist Economics

11/25/2021 17:30
The Wunderkammer

What does economics really mean and what do we consider as economics?  ‘Economics’ originates from the Greek word ‘oikonomia’ which means ‘household management

Most of us probably think of means of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. However, is economics only money, machines and (mostly) men in suits? All the things that is a part of GDP?

For this session of Business Unusuals informal and cosy discussion club: Gedankenfabrik, will revolve around the topic of feminist economics ⚤

Feminist economics seeks to promote economic equality between women and men, as an alternative to mainstream economics that tends to be based on men’s lives and only recognize work that is done for money. Please see this infographic from Womens Budget Group:

A couple of days in advance of the event we will post a few easy read articles and/or videos about feminist economics, to create a common ground to start the discussion. Further, we will prepare a small set of questions to get us started.

Please note that you do not need have to have any prior knowledge about the subject or economics in general. Everyone is welcome if they find the topic interesting. There will be snacks and the opportunity to get a cold drink.

About Gedankenfabrik:

Gedankenfabrik (sort of) means thinktank in German but sounds cooler. Here in Business Unusual it just means an informal discussion group where everyone is welcome no matter prior knowledge on the topic discussed.


The event will take place at the newly opened Station (meeting room: The Wunderkammer) right by CBS on Howitzvej.

Write to us right here on Facebook if you have any questions!

See you!

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