CANCELLED! Community breakfast – A sustainable society

November 25, 2021

CANCELLED! Community breakfast – A sustainable society

11/25/2021 7:00
11/25/2021 21:00
The Central Station


Community breakfast – A sustainable societyJoin our community breakfast - a cooperation between DM and Station. Be inspired and join our talk on how to form a more sustainable society.

Community breakfast is an event where we invite you to an open dialogue and the chance to share knowledge about sustainability as a theme. Each time we host this event, we will invite a speaker to share how she or he works with sustainability. After the talk we offer breakfast and the opportunity to share your thoughts about the talk and the theme with the other participants.

The theme for our first community breakfast is: inclusion on the labor market. We have invited a speaker who works to create inclusion.

Sustainability as a concept

The past couple of years, ‘sustainability’ as a concept has grown both internationally and nationally in all aspects of our lives and everyday life, whether we want it or not. Today many thinks of the climate or environment when we talk about sustainability. But sustainability can also cover other areas for example the social or the economic.

Sustainability as a concept is defined as a development in which the needs of living generations are not met at the expense of future generations. Everyone must have their basic needs fulfilled. The Russian psychologist Abraham Maslow has defined the human needs as; self-actualization, esteem, love and belonging, safety needs, and physiological needs.


“Send flere krydderier” (Send more spieces) works to integrate women with minority background in the Danish society though tha labor market. They have created a food-univers where the women cook food from their countries of origin. “Send flere krydderier” will also be catering our breakfast.

Practical information

This is event is open for everyone.

The event will take place at Station (the old police station on Frederiksberg close to CBS). Station is the world’s first student-driven innovation house, founded by students to leverage innovation in the wider student community.


If you are prevented from participating, you must cancel by no later than the day before the event. You do this at under “Mit DM” or by sending an email to

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